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The real estate has taken a new evolving turn and has new investment opportunities for investors. Location like Noida and Greater Noida has seen the uprising in the investment choices and attracts from everywhere. 

Nowadays, many developers come with township projects where residential and commercial properties are in the same place. Thus, let’s check out the benefits that the investors can get after investing in these township projects. 

Why do people want to invest in the township? 

Township refers to a spacious area where there are different investment opportunities present in the area which includes both residential and commercial places. In the township, people get everything close to the location which helps in saving their time and energy like the NX One Noida project. 

People are investing in the project because of the following reasons:

  • Investing in the township gives them a wide choice as different properties are available for the investment purpose, including residential and commercial.
  • It gives a community living feeling as everyone is close to the location and interact with one another on a regular basis. It gives a sense of belonging feeling to the residents.
  • Commercial investment in the township is a great option because of the presence of residential space which results in better footfall within the township.
  • There are well-developed amenities and facilities like a swimming pool, fitness center, jogging track, security and many more that you can find in the township. 

Thus, make sure that you choose the right investment option for commercial projects to get good results and profitable income as well. 

What are the things which make NX One Mall a great investment option? 

Talking about the commercial properties, NX One Mall at Noida Extension is attracting many investors which makes it a prime choice for investment in the area. Here are the things which makes the property the best option for the commercial investment.

1.     Prime location

The NX one mall is located in one of the prime places i.e., Noida Extension or Greater Noida West which is accessible to different areas like different sectors of Noida, Delhi and other parts of NCR. With the proposed metro station, it will make it easy for the people to travel and attracts people as well. 

As the location is good, it will help you get the tenants easily and if you are planning to open a business, then it would be a profitable one due to good customer traffic. 

2.     Pre-Booked shops by brands 

Many brands which deal in food and beverages like Bikanervala, Khaatirdaari, Smoke Factory and BBQ company booked their space in the project. Thus, you can get assured returns by investing in the retail shops where these outlets will run their business. 

It helps in relieving you from stress of finding the suitable tenants and ensures that you can get an income since you start investing in the property. 

3.     Amenities and facilities

The investors in NX One Mall enjoys the best amenities and facilities which are not common in commercial properties like a gymnasium, jogging park, Banquet Hall and many more. It gives you everything to establish your business and ensure you can get the returns as well. 

These things help in attracting the customers for the rental income as many retail shops are still underdeveloped and many companies are looking forward to taking the space for their business. 

4.     A well-planned township

NX One mall is situated in a well-planned township under which you can find all the things which is required for profitable returns. In the mall, there are retail shops that are planned by keeping everything into consideration which gives a spacious area to the investors. 

5.     Potential for higher returns 

Investing in the mall by NX One is a good decision as it has potential for future growth because of the nearby infrastructure development. Thus, if you invest at present time, there are high chances that you will enjoy good resale value and high rental income because of the availability of project at the best price. 

Should you choose Noida for investment in the township? 

Noida is a trending place at the present time for commercial investment purposes. Many township projects are available and upcoming as well. Thus, if you are looking for a right place to invest in the commercial property, then Noida should be on your list. 

In the area, you can find properties like NX One Noida Mall, Sikka and many more that are developed by trusted builders and offers great ROI as well. Also, as many companies are planning to open their business in Noida, it brings out a great investment option with the potential for high returns. 

Therefore, it is a good decision to invest in Noida region especially in the new township that is under construction and good for the investment purpose.