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Are you looking for a commercial investment that gives you better returns in the future? Any investor’s prime objective is to ensure they can get the best return from the investment decision, whether it’s commercial or residential.

Therefore, let’s talk about the new commercial property which is getting the limelight of the investors at Delhi NCR, i.e., NX One. Also, let’s check out what makes it a perfect investment opportunity.

Which type of commercial properties are in trend for investment purposes?

Commercial properties are those which help you to establish the business and help you get
the desired profit. You can find different types of commercial properties like office space,
retail shops, shopping complexes and others that help in generating income.

Nowadays, people are looking forward to investing in commercial property in which they can get a different commercial property for investment, like NX One Noida.
Some of the best types of commercial properties that are best for investment purposes for rental income as well as for property appreciation are:

• Office spaces

Many companies are looking forward to opening their offices in posh locations like Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon and others. Therefore, the need for office spaces is increasing, and it is one of the best options for investing in commercial property.

If you are investing in the offices, then make sure you choose the right property, including all
amenities and facilities, proper detail on the floor plan, access to well-established
connectivity, and many more.

• Retail shops

Everyone likes to spend leisure time with friends and family by visiting malls, clubs, food
courts, etc. Thats why the demand for retail shops is increasing, especially for food courts, malls and other outlets.

Investing in a retail shop is a perfect option because of getting higher returns, and you can
sell the area to different companies that give you good value because of their business.
In NX One Noida, you can find the best retail shops, which are profitable for you in the long
run. Thus, let's see the factors which make NX One a profitable commercial investment for you.

Top Factors which make NX One a perfect investment option

1. Location and connectivity

The project is located in a perfect place where connectivity won't be an issue for anyone, and it is also easy to reach out to. The project is located in Greater Noida West or Noida
Extension, which helps you connect different sectors of Noida and areas of Delhi as well.

With the proposed metro connectivity and other routes, it helps the investors to connect with
different areas of Delhi NCR.

2. Best project for retail shops

If you want to invest in retail shops, then the NX One Noida project is a good choice. Under
the project, many established companies already booked the space, like Bikanervala, a BBQ company, and others.

Therefore, you can invest in the company’s shops and get returns instantly.

3. Amenities and facilities

In NX One property, you can find the best amenities and facilities that help you to establish the business, like service escalators or lifts, a gated community, proper in and out entries and many more.

These things help attract the customer towards the property, and it will become easy for you to find the right tenant.

Therefore, if you aim to get the right returns at the time of resale and good rental income, you
should invest in the NX One project.

4. Trusted Developers

The NX One project was developed by DAH Greentech group, a trusted builder in the market and aimed to provide the best commercial and residential property to investors at a reasonable price. It is always a beneficial decision to invest in properties by trusted developers.

5. Infrastructure and other projects

Near the project, you can find many upcoming infrastructure projects, making it a profitable
option. For example, a proposed metro station is opening close to the location, which helps
the customers reach out to the property easily.

Should you invest in the NX one property?

If you consider everything related to the commercial property, like location, amenities and infrastructure-related facts, then NX One Noida is a good investment option. It could meet the investors; expectations related to profitability, business establishment and other factors.

Therefore, it would be a great choice for you to invest in the NX One commercial property, especially when you can get the property at a reasonable price and get higher returns.
Also, the location is well-connected to other areas, which makes it easy for investors to visit the property. Thus, if you like to invest in a profitable and reasonable commercial property, then NX One is your best choice.